Ramadan 1438

As we do every year in the month of Ramadan, this year also we are organizing following drives:

Tree Plantation Drive:

Members of Dawoodi Bohra community in Detroit have so far pledged to plant a total of 80 trees in Metro Detroit Area,

Use following documents as tree plantation guides:

Cloths Drive:

Men, women and children clothing are open for donation. Only Western style clothing is being accepted including jackets. Ethnic style including Ridas,Topi, Saya, Kurta are NOT being accepted for this event.

Please bring clean/washed clothes in plastic bag. After collection and consolidation of clothes they will be distributed to local Detroit area mosques; and/or local organizations.

Shoe Drive:

This Ramadan..Donate your shoes! Save a baby!Kiwanis has taken on fighting and eliminating maternal/neonatal tetanus (MNT) by collecting shoes. When this initiative was started,  MNT was in 41 countries.. that number is now down to 15.

  1. These shoes are bought by an organization. Every 25 pairs saves 5 babies’ lives.
  2.  The shoes are sent to 18 countries like Haiti and Guatemala where businesses are built refurbishing the shoes.  Shoes are available inexpensively to people in those countries.

So each pair of shoes helps four times.  First to eliminate maternal/neonatal tetanus and second to help people create businesses. Third, it provides a pair of low cost shoes to those who otherwise would not have shoes to wear.  And fourth, it keeps the shoes out of the landfill.

Here are the details:

  1.  All types of shoes can be donated (no holes in the soles please)
  2. Please rubber-band each pair together (or place each pair in a separate bag) and bring your bag of shoes to the Mawaid

Ramadan Essential Information